sweet best of love quotes

“A kid love story: wherever she kept her foot, I kissed that place and that idiot girl told to my mom that, aunty your son is eating mud.”

“Love two person in this world the most.
1. The one who has give birth to you.
2. The one who has taken birth just for you.”

“What is love? You look at her, she looks at you? No. love is when you both look at the world together and the world says they look nice together.”

“Most of the fights between the loved once are not due to problem, its because one loves too much and others loves more than that.

I will go out of your life, if you can promise me that somebody will love you more than me.

“In love, never keep the condition, always ending up together, sometimes wonderful love stories continue by just being friends”

“Deepest feelings always felt in silence. There is no true love without jealously. A thing lost is always valued the most”

“It’s not that I want you with me every time, but it is just I do not want anyone else to have you for a second.”

“When I die, do not come near my body, because my hands may not come to wipe your tears on that time.”

“I can always take care of myself, but still I want to meet the person who can prove me to that I cannot.”

“Please don’t come one more time in front of me otherwise once again I will trust you.”

Truly affectionate people never go out from our life easily if it happens they will comeback at right time without expectation.

Every heart has a pain. Only the way of expression is different. Fools hide it in eyes; while brilliant hide in their smile.

Don’t give special place to anyone in your heart, it’s easy to give that place but it hurts more when they don’t know the value of that place”.

Everything is fair in love and war but I suggest you to go for war and never love. Because in war either you live or die. But in loveyou neither live nor die.

Don’t love the person who enjoys with u love the person who suffers without u.! Treasure every moment.

I can’t make someone love me all I can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize my worth.

The person who really likes you doesn’t go away from you. They would somewhere somehow be living with you by thinking of you.

The days you were with me was like a sweet heaven which I didn’t want in my life again because my heart can’t tolerate one more pain my dear I miss you.

I don’t know exactly what being matured is. but I think it’s when you are finally able to joke about things that once broke your heart badly.

Y does love happen?
Because we need someone so true and special to be wish us, care for us, support and love us. If love was just a word without and feeling, people would miss the chance of experiencing a beautiful phase of life. Loving someone and being loved is the most beautiful gift don’t hurt these lovely hearts that loves you. Never hide your feelings, you may miss the person who suits u the best.

Love is so strange .sometimes it become reason to live life!!!And sometimes it becomes reason to leave life..?

When god asked me that I loved most about life I smiled and said your name, you thought me how to love, but not how to stop.

Rather than to start hating you, I hate myself for trusting you so much.

Once I was in love and she broke my heart into pieces and it helped me a lot, now my broken heart has got love from each of its pieces but people call me – PLAY BOY.

Love story of arts student: a guy was deeply in love with his classmate. One day he told her that he loves her a lot, but she was angry and refused. One day she borrowed a text book from him and wrote that she is an orphan and not to leave her but the guy never talked to her. 4 years passed. She was sad. Actually the boy was still in love with her but that she hates him because, he never saw her writing.

She must be a magician, ya because everything when I look at her, others disappear.

Why does love happen? Because we need someone so true and special to be with us, care for us, support and love us. If love was just any feeling, people would miss the chance of experiencing a beautiful phase of life. Love someone and being loved is the most beautiful gift. Don’t hurt these lovely hearts that loves you never hide your feelings, you may miss the person who suits you the best.

I will continue my love even if my love fails because, how I will hate the heart which made me to love it.

If you love someone but you marry someone else, the one you marry becomes your life partner; the one you loved becomes the password of your mail id. Pain but true.

Missing you is like being lost in a black and white world everything seems so faded and lonely..

Cute husband’s love quote about his wife:”even my child too started to walk without any support but my wife still wants to hold my hand while walking

Different between first and second love.you give your whole heart to first love and the break it bt you give your broken heart to second love and they make it.that is true love..

All can love a rose but no one will love a leaf that made someone who is beautiful, but love the one who can make your life beautiful.

If your heart is a nice garden I don’t swant to be rose in it, I want to be grass in it because rose needs a small area but I need total area in your heart.

I am not angry with her for not loving me, but I am angry with her as she made me to love her.

What is love. love is not when you hug and kiss a person. But it’s when your heart is crying and the person holds you and hugs you always. love is when you want to express something, but you can’t but just holding each other hand says it all. love is when you know that person is wrong and you smile away and say, you are right, just to see that person smile..

If you have no one to love then don’t worry because it will be the prayer of the one whom your going marry.

You may miss me. You may ignore me. You may even forget me but one day if you want to see me, don’t search any where just watch your shadow I will be there.

The days you were with me was like a sweet heaven which I didn’t want in my life again because my heart can’t tolerate one more pain my dear I miss you.

“If nothing can last forever with you can I be your nothing?”

“its better to stay in a boys grave than to stay in girls hair who doesn’t know what is love. Don’t believe girls

A short walk is so difficult when no one walks with you but a long journey is just like a few steps when you walk with sum 1 who loves, cares for you

A boy found a tear in his girl friend eyes, so he hugged her. Still girl continued to cry. Boy asked y? girl: if for every tear I get a hug from you, then I would cry forever.

Rather than to start hating you, I hate myself for trusting you so much.

A guy had cancer and had only 30 days left. He liked a girl working in a CD shop but never told her about his love. Every day he used to buy a CD to just spend some time with her. After a month he died. When the girl want in search for him, his mom told he died out of cancer and took her to his room, where she saw all the CD’s unopened and the girl started crying? You know why? She had love letter for him inside the CD ‘s.

A boy rings the doorbell of a girl’s home and asks: do you believe in love at first sight or should I come back again?

“U” are far from me but your presence is always here in my heart I may not come to “u” but my message can reach to u to say am still remembering you.

1day, 2day, 3day, 4day, 5day, 6day, infact my all days are so lonely because i missing you lot…..

Whenever I see her, I hate her, but whenever I see others couples, I really miss her.

When you have so much pain in your heart and you want to cry. The only person, who can stop you from crying, is exactly the same person who made you cry.

Boy: why do you keep on following me? Girl: because you are so good looking and I think I am falling in love with you. Boy: oh really? But you haven’t met my friend yet. He is more good looking than me and he is right behind you (the girl looked behind but found no one) girl: are you making fun of me? There is no one behind me. Boy: no, if you really love me, you wouldn’t have looked back.

When you love someone, don’t make them love you as much as you do. But love them so much that they don’t want to be loved by anyone except you.

It’s painful to think you will never be mine but it is even more painful to realize I knew all the time.

Love is when a boy walks to the other side of the classroom to sharpen his pencil, just to see her and then realize that he is holding a ball pen.

A girl wanted a ring, but the boy gave a teddy bear instead. In anger the girl threw the bear on road. The boy went to take it back but was hit by a car and in between he died. At his funeral, the girl hugged a bear hard and the machine spoke, will you marry me? The ring is in my pocket. Love is always precious.

A sensible proposal for a boy to a beautiful girl. Hey angel. I am not forcing you to love me but don’t let love be the reason for hating me.

Please don’t come one more time in front of me. Otherwise I will trust you again

A flight steering through the clouds suddenly lost its balance. The passenger knew it. A professional sitting near a small boy gripped by fear praying to god each time the plane hit an air pocket, but the boy nearby was playing with toys. Somehow the plane landed safely. Out of curiosity, the man asked the boy, how is that when all others elder to you were filled with fear and panic, you were happy? The boy replied: my father is the pilot knew that he will land me safely. Love is trust.

Who will cry when you die? Who will die when you cry? Simple question but if you have someone as the answer you are the luckiest person.

True love can’t identify soon but when you lose it you will feel and cry for the person to the whole life.

Love is not a life but, there is no life without love. I don’t say to fall in love, but I am saying to feel the love.

Girl and boy are seen crying together when asked why? Girl said: my doll has broken and boy says “I am crying because my doll is crying”

If no one hurts you, you won’t feel what love is.

A cute husband love quote to express his wife: even my child too started to walk without any support but my wife still feels to hold my hand while walking.

The flowers I gave you have died been lost and thrown away just like me.

Boy: can u pose for a photo.
Girl: why?
Boy: just wanted to show my children how their mom looked in her younger days.

What is real love? When there are 3 mangoes and members are 4. Mom says I don’t like mango. That’s true love.

Love is like giving a gun to someone having it pointed at your heart and trusting them to never pull the trigger, but sadly most of the times they do it.

Nothing is impossible was probably quoted by a person who dint fall in love in his lifetime, because after falling in love forgetting him or her is impossible.

If you love someone, if it because of her eyes or lips her great looks it’s not love.
If it’s because of her intelligence or insight about her life it’s not love, its admiration.
If it’s because she cries every time you try to leave it’s not love,
Love is when you don’t know why you are attracted to a person. Love has no reason and that reason is still unknown.

For every idiot there is an equal and opposite idiot. Those idiots are called lovers.

Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before a sip before giving it to him, to make sure it taste it.

Love is when my puppy licks my face even after I have left him alone all day.

Line by one side lover on her girl friend birthday: I will be waiting for all your birthday until you accept my heart as a gift.

She loves a rose that dies in a day, more than me, who is dying for her every day.

I know that she was best gift that I ever had, but I was the game that she always played.

Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true loneliness hurts, Rejection hurts, losing someone hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful.

I don’t mind if she is not going to be my Childs mother, but in next birth let me be her child, so that she will love me till my ends.

Read correctly. Love doesn’t start in morning and doesn’t end in evening. Its starts when you don’t need it and ends when you need it the most.

My care in the heart and not in words. My anger will be in words and not in the heart.

Nothing in the world disturbs you until your lovable person sitting near you is silent.

I felt that my lover was my sky, but late I realized that I was not even a small star in his life but just a passing cloud for him.

Easy to love one, but difficult to show it every day to them.

I wish you to love me till my life time ends if not my life should be till your love ends.

I don’t hate you for not loving me anymore but I hate myself for still loving you.

Its hard to love when your heart has been broken before.

It’s easy to convince one who is in anger but it’s not easy to compromise one who is in love with you.

Please don’t look at me again; I don’t have another heart to lose.

A girl is sitting with a boy.
Boy: you are the second most beautiful girl I ever known.
Girl: who is the first? Boy: it you, when you smile.

Who’s is lucky lover? A person love one girl without proposing to her, but finally he got the same girl as her wife.

Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.

All you need is love give me a chance to love you my sweet heart.

Love is to express and not to impress people. When love is expressed truly people will be impressed.

I will conquer the whole world with just one hand, if you hold the others.

I am mad for him but why I am not made for him.

No one in the world without love but there may be people without proposing that love.

Everlasting words: At the touch of love everyone become a poet.

I know everything about her except that she likes me or not, she doesn’t know anything about me except that I like her.

Cute proposal by a girl to a boy: girl: I seen to have forgotten my initial can I keep yours?

It’s really hard to wait for the right person in life, especially when the wrong ones are damn attractive

verybody seems to be special at first sight but, only very few will remain special to you till your last sight.

A tear is the silent language of love. When tear come with reason, you got some problem but when tears come without any reason you miss someone.

Love is invisible but can’t be hidden.

False love: love me, because I love you. True love: love whoever you want, because I love you.

Love is in every corner of the earth, but unfortunately the earth is round has no corner.

Nobody in this world can be with a plain heart, because someone comes and scrabble in your heart with lots of care and love in it.

Love is to impress and not to impress people. When love is depressed truly people I will be expired.

Love is the sharpest tools than knife, use it properly or else it may leave permanent mark on you which will pain a lot till you die.

My love wakes me up every day but it doesn’t let me sleep.

Once a lover boy asked his girl.
What would you do if I cheated you?
The girl replied, trusting you is my decision and proving me right is your choice.

When I lost you I loved you more, but between both of us you lost more because I can love others the way I loved you, but you will never be loved the way I used to love you.

I am not forcing you to love me but don’t let love be the reason for hating me.

Please don’t look at me again; I don’t have another heart to lose.

A cute proposal by boy.
Girl: why you loved me.
Boy: don’t know.
Girl: why you choose me.
Boy: don’t know.
Girl: what things you liked from me.
Boy: nothing
girl: then why you love me.
Boy: I don’t know but my heart told this is your love.

Love is when I can’t pay attention in class because I am too busy writing her first name in my last page.

A 6 years old boy found a 3year old beautiful girl photo on the street side he just loved that girl so much, but he was not able to meet that girl again. After long years his wife saw the photo next to the bed and asked, where you got this photo he asked why she said I lost this photo when I was 3 years old. True love never fails.

You taught me how to love, how to laugh, how to cry, but when you left you forgot to teach me how to forget you.

I like the girl who cheated me in the name of love because she’s my guide who instructed that don’t believe in name of love.

You must continue your love even if your love fails because, how will you hate the heart which made you to love it.

I wish you to love me till my life time ends if not my life time should be till your love ends.

Always remember how beautiful god adds one more day in your life, not because you need it, but because someone else needs you.

Said by one side lover: Its hurts when you talk to someone else and not to me.

I hate my eyelids as it blinks and disturbs me when I happened to see her.

It’s not that I can’t live without you. It’s just that I don’t even want to try.

Nobody in the world can have a crystal clear heart, because everyone heart has some scratches scribbled by their dear ones.

It may be painful to see the one you love is happy with someone else but it will be more painful to see the one you love is unhappy.

Love is an unusual forest, where brave lions are defeated by beautiful deer’s.

One who knows well about the pain and features of love will never fall into it but the fate is people know the pain only after falling into it.

Few things cant be understand like our heart. We think it beats inside us, but it really beats for someone who is inside it.

Pain is the only thing that tells me that a still alive.

I wrote on the door of my heart. No entry but love came smiling and said sorry I am illiterate.

It’s not that looking after a beautiful person affectionately, but looking after a affectionate person very beautifully.

A piece from broken heart: I thought love is life, but love taught me, what life is.

Love others for a reason, let the reason be love.

I don’t fear to die, but my fear is that if I die who will love her as much as I do.

I felt that she was my sky, but late I realized that will was not even a small star in her life, but just a passing cloud for her.

By seeing your smile I forget my tears, by seeing your tears I forget my smiles.

Love is not made by the time. It’s made with person with whom the time is spent.

In my dreams she is mine, but in my life she is a dream.

Don’t rush into falling in love even if somebody asks you why you are single. Just tell them god is just busy writing the best love story for me.

No one and nothing is worth in this world in front of pure love, don’t expect love of others, you give love genuinely and you will get back one day.

Once in lifetime someone breaks your heart and if you still fell to hold that person with every broken piece that amazing is called love.

You know why people say that you don’t feel sleepy when you are in love? Because for the first time you are finding reality more beautiful than dreams.

Sometimes love is for a moment and sometimes love is for a lifetime, but sometimes a moment with someone you love is enough to spend a lifetime.

If I die, don’t cry, if you do cry, then don’t attend my funeral, because its easier to take the pains of death than to watch.

Love is not made by the time. It’s made with person with whom the time is spent.

Unless you speak from your heart, you can’t touch anyone’s heart.

Don’t change your character for the person you love, but change yourself completely for the person who loves you.

She laughs at my dreams, but I dream, only for her laughs.

Beautiful line said by true lover: I know she was the prestigious gift I ever had, but some time feel, I was the game that she played.

Romantic words said by true lover to his love: I don’t know how beautiful you are, because my eyes haven’t moved from your eyes.

Boy: can I take your picture?
Girl: for what?
Boy: so that I can show Santa Claus, what I want for Christmas.

If you failed in love don’t worry, it’s nothing but your life partner’s prayer.

Ever graveyard looks beautiful when true love sleeps inside it- taj mahal..

Love is not only to feel the person but also to keep the person within our heart, even though we are not in their heart.

I will remember her, not as the one who broke my heart, but as the one who taught me, how to live with a broken heart.

One stone enough to break a glass. one sentence is enough to break a heart. One second enough to fall in love.

When asked what is love? A girl aged 4 gave this cute reply: love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day.

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you have never met.

Possessiveness is a scale of love, there is no true love without possessiveness so be possessive with your lovable ones.

Dying for someone is always easy but what proves your love is when you can live your whole life for the one you love.

The ultimate measure of love is not when both the people like each other, is when one ignore and the other continues loving till the end.

She asked me you love me or your life? I said my life. She left me without knowing that, she is my life.

I can’t make someone love me, all I can do is being someone who can be loved, and the rest is up to the person to realize my worth.

A second is required to say your love, but a life is required to prove your love, so don’t waste your life for a second.

Someone very close can easily break our heart, but it’s amazing when we still love them with every broken piece. That’s the nature of real love.

A boy on a sinking ship was confused if she should save the girl who loved him or the one he loved. He saves the girl who loved him but went back to drown with the girl he truly loved.

What is love? Those who don’t know call it as risk. Those who play call it game, those who don’t have it call it dream, and those who understand call it life.

What s is called great love? When you hide your tears and care for her, when she ignores and you still love her.

Best ever romantic words said by a true lover to his love, I don’t know how beautiful you are because my eyes haven’t moved from your eyes.

Love is common emotion that comes to every one, if you get whom you love, that achievement, if you get who loves you that’s life.

Love comes again and again for those who know what life is. Love comes only once for those who know what love is.

No person in the world are having the ability to stop their tears when their loved one says “don’t leave me, I need you.

Someone asked a guy who recently had a divorce did you leave her or she left you? He just smiled and replied “Love left us”

To love someone is natural, to be loved by someone is luck, to live with someone you love is achievement, to live with someone who loves you is life.

Love is a medicine for any kind of wound, but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by love.

To love someone is – natural
To be loved by someone is – luck,
To live with someone you love is – achievement,
To live with someone who loves you is – life.

Love is a medicine for any kind of wound, but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by love.

A guy and his girl friend were speeding in a bike at 100 km. girl: slow down, its too scary guy: no, its fun he ask her to hug him tightly and tells her that his helmet is heavy on his head, take it and wear, the next day it seen in the news that a bike crashed and out of 2 only the girl survived. The truth is the guy realized that break failed but he didn’t want her to know, he felt her love by getting her hug for last time.

Love is soft feelings of heart, but it’s very hard to feel, and when it feels, it’s too hard to drop. Because true loves happen once in life.!

Affection is not written by chalk to erase or write again. It’s written with ink of love on the wall of heart once written cant change.

Ever you miss me, never cry for a drop of tear in your eyes, is a day less in my life.

A boy was in love with an ugly girl. His friend asked why her? He immediately replied “only if you can borrow my eyes, you will feel how beautiful she is.”

Love is not finding someone to live with its finding someone you can’t live without.

A small love story.
Two butterflies love each other. They are playing hide and seek game.
Male: tomorrow morning who came first and sit in this flower that one is most love.
She says yes. Next day female butterfly come and sit the flower 4’0 clock, but male butterfly not come. She is confused. Then sun rise away. Flower opened. The male butterfly died inside the flower, because he is sitting in this flower before night.

A cute love story: there was a husband daily sent his wife a rose whenever he was out. One day he died, still his wife receiving a rose everyday she shocked. She asked flouriest, he said that her husband had paid advance for her whole life. So love someone and such that it remains forever.

A boy proposed a girl. She rejected. He was not sad. Friend: you did not feel sad? Boy: why should I feel? I lost who never loved me, but she lost one who really loved her.

Man asked to god. What’s love? Good said: go to the garden and get the most beautiful flower.
Man: returned empty handed and told that I founded the most beautiful flower but I kept walking in hope of a better one. And then I realized I ignored the best one. I went back but could not find it there.
God: this is love you don’t value it when you have it but repent when you lose it. So never let your dear most go.

No one is two young for love, because love doesn’t come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age.

Don’t mistake your lovable person if they are angry on you because angry is the most easiest and childish way to express the deep affection.

Cry is a love detector. When someone makes you cry its show how much you love them and if someone cries for you it shows how much they love you.

Love cures people both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

Nice thoughts: Love comes again and again for those who know what “life is” love comes only once for those who know what “Love Is”

Sky+birds=a beautiful scene
Stars+moon=a romantic night
Rain+monsoon=a lovely weather
You+your smile=a beautiful life..

Girl-am i prety?
Girl-do you want to marry me?
Girl-will you cry if i leave you?
Boy-no. The girl got vexed and started to cry. The boy pulled her close to him and said you are not prety but prettiest, i don’t want to live with you but i live for you, if you leave me i wont cry but i die.

There was a blind girl who used to hate every one expect her boyfriend she always use to say that i will marry you. Suddenly one day some one donated eyes to that girl when she saw her boy friend she was shocked to see that he was also blind her boyfriend asked will you marry me now she simply refused him rudely. Her boyfriend dint say a word to her he smiled and went away with a letter saying darling take care of my eyes.

Love is beautiful like butterfly when you try to catch it. It will fly away but when you cool and silent it will come and touch you so wait for your butterfly.

If u have reasons for loving some one,Then You are using your mind, but if you love someone for no reason, Then you are using your Heart.. So always use your heart to love dont use your mind, then only the relations will be strong permanent & enjoyable throughout the life.

“Love has no reason,if it has,its not love!!”.

Every man searches his second mother in the name of love, but every women gets her child in the name of her lover.

We always look and care for person whom we love most but we fail to look back those who love us the most.

There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a love.

Rainbow is cute design as they lovingly shine. have you seen an inverted rainbow? you never know that it is ur smile. let me see that rainbow forever.

If you are happy you will remember the person whom you love. If you are sad you will remenber the person who loves you.

A true lover is one who tels that your cute instead of sexy, one who cals you back when you cut the cal in anger, one who stay’s awake just to watch you sleep, one who lisses your forehead then your lips, One who wants to see the worl eith you mean to him, one who holds your hand and you waist in front of his friends, One who constantly reminds you how much he cares about you and how lucky he’s to have you, one who turns to his friends and says “she is my life”.

A flower never know how beautiful it is! a sea never know how deep it is! you never knows how valuable you are to me.

When I asked God…….

Man same as like his Name "Swami vivekanand"When I Asked God for Strength
He Gave Me Difficult Situations to Face

When I Asked God for Brain & Brown
He Gave Me Puzzles in Life to Solve

When I Asked God for Happiness
Showed Me Some Unhappy People
When I Asked God for Wealth
He Showed Me How to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Favors
He Showed Me Opportunities to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Peace
He Showed Me How to Help Others

God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted
He Gave Me Everything I Needed

-Swami Vivekananda

The 5 Crucial Steps Of Website Development


The perils of not having a strong web presence are not unknown in the corporate world. For any business to be successful and boast of being up-to-date with times, it needs to have a place in the World Wide Web. However, having a mere presence on the Internet is not enough. For your online endeavors to be successful and to generate good revenue from the Internet, you will need to establish a strong web presence.

The Internet offers tremendous potential and opportunities for small businesses. It takes them on an international platform and acquires audiences from across the globe. The web offers a medium to market their ideas, products and services to a worldwide audience. But to do this effectively, a strong web presence is required.

Creating a website and uploading it on the Internet is not a difficult task. But what differentiates a mere web presence and a strong web presence is the ability of the website to communicate to its audiences. And this is something that is a result of efficient web development services.

Website development is a complex procedure and involves a series of disciples and processes. Apart from technical expertise, one also requires sound market knowledge coupled with strategies for marketing promotion and writing tasks. Apart from creating an appealing website design, the website should be an extension of the core objectives of the business and seek to achieve the same. To ensure all this, powerful and efficient website development processes are required.

Here are 5 crucial steps in the process of website development:

Step 1 – Market Research

Before you start the web development process, do some quality market research about the demand for products or services that you want to sell. Research on the Internet and gather adequate knowledge about the market you wish to enter. Scan through directories and use search engines to find information about other companies and websites who deal with similar products and services and analyze how they go about their businesses. Also, participate in forums and go through concerned blogs to gather general consumer opinion about the products and services you wish to market. This will give you valuable insight about how to develop the website i.e. what features need to be incorporated, what will work and what would not work in the market

Step 2 – USP Creation

It’s no use having a business or website that is just a clone of millions of other placed on the World Wide Web. For your website to stand apart from the crowd and get noticed by the consumers, you need to have something different that others don’t have.After you have researched about your market and niche audiences, develop a Unique Selling Point (USP) that sets you apart from the rest and makes your business appeal to the audiences. Also, define your keywords and key phrases that best target your audiences.

Step 3 – Website Creation

Then comes the actual website development process! As easy it may sound, so complex it is. Apart from the technical process of creating a website, website development also involves you need to write quality content for the web pages, write sales letters, prepare auto responders, market the website with articles, get references etc. the best way to cut down maintenance hassles is to automate majority of the procedures. However, do make sure that you keep in constant touch with your audiences through newsletters etc.

Step 4 – Traffic Generation

After the development process comes the website promotion part. Besides creating a website you also need to make its presence felt in cyberspace in order to acquire visitors. One of the excellent traffic generation methodologies is search engine optimization. It is all about optimizing the website such that it figures out on the top slots on the search engine results page so that maximum visitor traffic comes in.

Step 5 – Testing

After you have deployed the website and tweaked it for perfection, it is time to check the results. Test your website on all the fronts for ways to improve it. Test various combinations of your website elements and decide what looks best. The idea is to get the best website!

Stuff Learned at Microsoft Sriram Krishnan 12 Dec 2009

Stuff I've learned at Microsoft

Stuff I've learned at Microsoft

Coming up on five years (and many teams) at Microsoft, there are a few things I’ve picked up along the way that I definitely didn’t know about when I left college. Call them core values, things I’ve learned, lessons learned, things I scream at my friends to do more of, whatever – they’ve served me well.

Some of these are Microsoft-specific but most will apply to any team/corporate environment. Some of these are tricky – they can get you fired (or worse) if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Ask for forgiveness, not for permission

Any sufficiently large institution has something to lose. Credibility, money, power, you name it. Ergo, any request for something new and risky is met with caution. Be it a new proposal or a new project, it is safer to say ‘No’. Corporate systems are optimized for saying no. Maintain the status quo. No risk of failure and a spectacular blowout.

This is exactly why you are better off going ahead and doing something without asking first. If you don’t ask, no one can tell you to not do it. Have an interesting idea for a side project? Go code it up. If you ask someone first, you’ll probably get told “Go consult with team X,Y and VP Z” and face an endless spiral. Want to write a blog post on something you care about? Go do it.

Obviously, you need to know what you’re doing. Don’t do something obviously stupid. Making a post about unannounced feature X? Bad idea. Checking in code without telling anyone? Very bad idea. Sending an angry flame mail to the wrong VP? Depends (but typically not a bad idea). Like with any risk, there are downsides.

This won’t work all the time. You will fail, sometimes spectacularly. That is OK (see next heading for why). In fact, if you don’t make a complete ass of yourself from time to time, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Corollary: If other people are going to be impacted by you failing, you need to tell them first.

(Most) Screw ups are OK

So you did fail and made a fool of yourself. Maybe got screamed at by an executive. Your demo failed spectacularly in front of thousands of people. Your code change brought down the website.

Turns out that this is OK. Though it may not feel like it at the time, in fact, it is to be expected. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough. I get very annoyed when someone gets worked up over the small stuff. What are the odds that this will matter five years from now? Typically very low.

The biggest danger with getting worked up over the small screw-ups? Making people cautious. If your employees are afraid to break things, they’re going to stick to what they know. No one benefits from this – they don’t grow and you don’t get the best out of them.

It is hard to be all ‘zen’ over a public failure. Just try talking to me when one of my talks has gone badly – I’m usually looking for the hole in the ground to disappear into. But over time, you learn to separate the things you don’t need to care about and the things you really do.

Corollary #1: If you’re working in an environment/team where everyone is afraid to make the smallest mistake and tiptoes around – leave! The same holds if your manager brings up your smallest of transgressions in your performance review.

Corollary #2: When you do screw up, admit it up front. Send a mail out saying “I screwed up here”. Take the blame and move on, rather than trying to hide it.

Look for the line at your door

I stole this from J. When you work in a team, respect and trust from your teammates is key. One easy way to measure this is to look for the people seeking you out. If people are not constantly seeking you out – either be it problems, ideas or things they need from you, there’s something wrong.

The reverse side of this is that you need to be engaged all the time. Whether you’re a developer or not, you need to be on all the checkin mailing lists, all the team mailing lists. You need to be trying out the latest daily builds. You need to be engaged.

If you’re not plugged in or if you turn away the people seeking you out, don’t expect to be involved when people make key decisions.

Code is king

If you’re in a semi-technical job, you absolutely need to look at the code. You don’t have to be able to write it or debug it but you need basic code literacy. Sync the source tree and get it building. If you can’t figure out how, ask around (and get to know the dev team in the process). Look at the daily checkins. During good times, checkins will keep flowing in. During lean times, checkins will be few and far between and not ‘meaty’.

I’ve seen an insane amount of conversations and meetings which could have been avoided by 30 seconds of looking at source code. There is absolutely no substitute to knowing how the product works (architecture diagrams don’t cut it). If you know how to use a debugger, set a few breakpoints and learn how the different pieces fit together.

If nothing else, your developers will take you a lot more seriously.

Lone wolf syndrome

Whenever I hear the term ‘team player’, I think of ’this’ post.’Team player’ is a term often hijacked to mean obedience, predictability and in general, being a square peg in a square hole. In other words, everything you’re not if you’re a hacker.

It is tempting to lock yourself and code up something and show it off as a fait accompli. Ignore the status meetings, emails and the rigmarole of the usual grind.

Don’t do this. Rather, don’t do this all the time.

Hacking is a creative process. There will definitely be weekends spent with code. However, if this is your default mode of working, you are causing a ton of heartache for your team. If they don’t know how far away from ‘done’ you are, they can’t figure out how much they need to worry or what kind of contingency plans they need to have in place.

Take a moment everyday to walk around your offices. Drop in and find out what people are up to. Talk about what you’re doing. If nothing else, it gives them a comfort feeling that you’re doing something and not browsing Hacker News endlessly. Over time (and this takes a reasonable period of time), you’ll gain enough trust that people know that they can depend on you to deliver on time.

Try out stuff

Something I’ve seen happen to a lot of good people is stagnation. You see signs of this when they start saying “This new thing X is just like Y from 20 years ago so I’m not going to try it”. Our industry is one that fundamentally changes every few years or so. The worst thing you can do is to not keep up and let yourself stagnate.

This doesn’t mean you need to be on every new social networking site out there and have tens of iPhone apps installed. But you should be playing with whatever’s popular. Download the latest hot programming language, web framework, browser plugin, whatever.

‘Not having time’ is not an excuse. Something that has always impressed me with both Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie is how much they play with tech – both from their own company and from others. If they can find the time, you can too.

Apart from just playing with it, watch what others are doing with it. You can learn a lot by just hanging out in the laptops section at Costco or seeing the conversations people have at the AT&T store. Ray Ozzie talks about always taking public transport when in a new city or a foreign country to see how people use things. Understand what normal people are trying to get out of technology.

The teams that die out at Microsoft are the ones who don’t keep up. One warning sign is if everyone in a team has worked on the same thing for over a decade. It is almost always a sign you need some fresh blood to shake up the thinking. Of course, as with any rule, there are always exceptions.

New team? Pick people over products

Whenever I decide to move on to doing something different, I’ll look for the people I want to work with first (that’s exactly how I picked my current team as well). This is very different than when I started out when I used to try and get into the coolest product team I could think of.

You learn very quickly that over the long run, how you get along with the people in your team has a much higher correlation with your happiness. Cool technologies fade, change and become old. However, relationships you form with great team mates stick around with you for a long, long time.

What kind of people should you pick? I have a tendency to pick teams filled with a certain kind of people – irreverent, rebels, troublemakers. Find out what works for you.

Get out of your comfort zone

I’m a big believer that the only way you ever get to grow is to do things outside of your comfort zone. Be it people, places, programming languages or your job – try and do something you haven’t done before.

For example, I was always super uncomfortable in bars and clubs. I would find every excuse to avoid a social outing. I finally decided to that the only way I’d ever get comfortable is to actually go. After a few years of forcing myself to show up, I’m as normal as anyone else.

The same goes for technology. Write code in a new language, try out a new search engine or switch to a new browser. Try doing a different job for a while. At Microsoft, it is quite easy to be a part-time Program Manager or a part-time developer – people love the help you can give them. Take advantage of it.

Ask the uncomfortable questions

All of us have been in meetings/presentations where you’re confused, have a question or just don’t know what the topic of conversation is about. Other times, you see everyone in the room tip-toe around a hot potato topic (the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’).

This stems from a desire to fit in, to not look stupid in front of one’s peers or bosses. Guess what? Most times, they’re in the same boat as you are. One rule of thumb I’ve found reliable is that the smartest person in the room is typically the first to say “I don’t know”.

Uncomfortable topics are tricky. A few topics are taboo for good reason (again, legal issues are a good example). Acknowledge them and move on. Most times, you’ll have a much more productive conversation by stating the obvious question everyone’s skirting around.

Go say ‘Hi!’

Any large organization has a number of interesting people. It is a statistical certainty. People who’ve built interesting things, people who’ve been around for a long time and have built-up wisdom, people who are interesting due to how bizarre they are, the list goes on.

Go and meet every one of them. Find out what they’re working on. Get them to tell you stories of the ‘good ol’ days’. Get them to rant on things they hate now. Learn from them.

No one turns down a lunch/coffee meeting. They might be reluctant about it but most cave in. If that doesn’t work, drop by their office and say ‘Hi’. If you’re working in Microsoft or Google, meet the superstars – meet the Dave Cutlers, the Patrick Dussuds, the Dave Campbells, the Rob Pikes, the Ken Thompsons.

Praise in public, pull down pants in private

It is always OK to criticize someone’s idea in public. It is to be expected. However, something you should never ever do is to criticize the person themselves in public. Have an issue with someone’s attitude or performance? Have the conversation behind closed doors. This is even more important if they’re lower on the corporate ladder than you are. The power relationship makes it hard for them to engage with you.

On the other hand, praise is always something that should be done in public. In fact, people consistently underestimate the value of letting someone know that you appreciate what they’ve done. A little email goes a long way in making everyone happy.

Best things are taken, not given

A lot of people expect the ‘system’ to take care of them. This is especially true if you’ve spent all your life in an academic background where your evaluation had a logic and rationale to it.

In a team/company, that’s often not the case. Want your little feature to ship in the next release? You need to go and evangelize the heck out of it. Want credit for the work you put into your product’s massive perf improvement? Make sure the right people knew exactly what you did.

This surprises a lot of hackers. Shouldn’t the ‘system’ automatically take care of seemingly mundane things like assigning credit or evaluating how good something is? The problem is that the ‘system’ is typically just a bunch of smart, well-meaning, overworked people who typically don’t have all data on everything happening in the team. If you don’t make the effort to make sure they have the right input (and this might be as simple as knocking on their door and saying ‘Check out what I built), don’t be surprised if things don’t go in your favor.

Don’t be an asshole

The most important lesson of all is this – don’t be an asshole. Lots of smart people tend to develop rude, antagonistic behavior patterns. Sometimes, they’re just jerks by nature. Other times, they’ve seen this behavior exhibited by people they work with and admire (something which used to happen a lot in the Microsoft of 10-15 years ago).

Some hackers mix up being rude with being forthright and blunt. Don’t – there’s a world of difference between the two. You can be blunt, call out someone’s BS without being nasty. In fact, some of the people who I admire most have a tendency to rip apart BS without raising their voices or even making the other person feel bad.

Being a jerk not only makes people hate you, it has network effects. It only takes one person exhibiting bad behavior to have it spread.

Be nice.

Corollary: Don’t mistake ‘be nice’ with ‘be politically correct’ or ‘be passive aggressive’. Being passive aggressive and politically correct to a fault is almost equally bad. The key is to critique someone’s work/ideas without critiquing the person themselves.

That however is a hard trick to pick up.

Sriram Krishnan